People use social media for many things, one of those being organising events and meetups with people. People tend to use social media to catch up with people and often use the group chat functions to try and get everyone in one place at one time.

This often is a tricky thing but plans are eventually worked out. Without this people would have to individually text everyone and each time someone says they can only do certain times, they’d then have to update everyone. This would prove very difficult to make any plans with more than a few people.

Social media also allows us to post our ideas about arranging things and this then allows other people to get in contact.

Social media helps us to develop practical skills to by the use of platforms such as YouTube in which we can watch videos such as tutorials and step by step guides to teach us tricks and hacks of how to do practical things such as use cameras, DIY, learn new makeup techniques as well as learn new languages.

We often use more visual based platforms with lots of pictures or videos so that we can teach ourselves skills that we can put in to practice and develop upon then share our own experiences.

People use social media to collaborate on projects by using things such as group chats, emails, LinkedIn to share contacts and jobs and also progress on projects and keep everyone up to date on what we are doing.

This is a great power to have as some people really struggle to socialise and put forward views and ideas through words. This then allows us all a fair try at working with other people and building our network and abilities.