Our social group Tea Time Bakes has been meeting up weekly at a members flat of choice, as decided on a Facebook group chat, and baking.

Last week we made allergy free brownies.

To make these we had to find a recipe that doesn’t involve butter. We then had to double check all the ingredients so that I wouldn’t have a reaction due to allergies.

I went to the local shop and provided the cocoa powder and baking powder. Each team member brought something so we could all work together and contribute to make our brownies.

To make the brownies we:

mixed all the dry ingredients together. Then all the wet ingredients before pouring them into the dry bowl. We mixed all the ingredients together and put them in the oven.

We then sat down to drink tea and chat about anything that came to mind.

Before long we decided to check on the brownies and unfortunately the oven was on too high and the brownies were slightly burnt on the outside and still runny in the middle. We turned it down and left it in for another minute before deciding we had to take them out.

We served them and tried them. Despite the difficulties they still tasted really good. We decided that next time we would be more careful with timing and temperatures.