So since the beginning of this module I have been updating a wiki page in which I had to write about myself in the style of a wiki page (Third person)

I found this quite tricky to write about myself from an outside perspective but also quite fun to look back at my life and find the interesting facts about myself.


I decided to talk about my journey to discover media and also some interesting facts about me. I intend to update my wiki when I can and to post links to my blog and blog posts on there.

This is good for the module as it is social media which allows me to direct readers onto further content. Something social media is brilliant at.

By setting up a wiki page I’ve now discovered how wiki works and how the formatting is done and this has been helpful and allowed me to create a wiki page that I wanted and to put information into the right areas. I have also learnt how to add in photos to my page which adds a visual element to my page and allows me to share media as I do on my blog.

If you would like to check out my wiki head on over to: My Wiki Page