Welcome to Tea Time Bakes, a social media group that shares a passion for tea and baking.

In social media we were asked to set up social groups in which we could all meet up and do projects that were social and develop the groups so others could benefit from the meet ups too.

My group and I decided that as a nation that drinks a lot of tea, we should have a tea and cakes group and we decided to name it Tea Time Bakes.


The idea is that we plan to all search for recipes and send them in a group cat on Facebook to work out when and where we are meeting. Then what we will be baking and drinking.

This week we met at Laura’s flat and we made brownie hot chocolate drinks. Here are some photos taken by me as we chatted and attempted to make hot chocolates.

We successfully managed to make hot chocolates and also shared some with the rest of Laura’s flat which allowed the group to be more sociable. We took photos together and filmed what we did and we intend to edit the video clips together and share on our Facebook Page.

We also have a wiki page set up to share what our group does. https://wiki.our.dmu.ac.uk/w/index.php/Tea_Time_Bake

Note to Group: Next time remember that I have allergies and need to find alternatives to dairy.

So the hot chocolates were delicious, or so I hear!

I had a cuppa whilst chatting away and watching the group decorate their drinks. Oh how I long to do that once I get my free from products.