So I am now 4 weeks into my Media Production degree.

I have 4 modules which are Multimedia, Social Media, Media Capture and Radio Production.

So far I have learnt how to code a webpage using html and css. I have learnt how to set up an RSS feed for a blog, how to record and edit audio and have been out taking photos on a camera I adore.

I am loving my course and hope that my love for it continues. I have many assignments coming up and one of my next ones is for blogs which is brilliant because I do love blogging. Even when I feel like I have nothing to talk about, I can always generate some content and I love sharing.

So, on that note. I’m going to share with you my opinions on University so far, in particular my course.

Here is the honest truth, lectures are a bore.

There I said it. Now let me explain.

At first lectures were exciting. It felt surreal to be sat in the kind of room I’d only seen in films. to get my notebook out and be all grown up. Truth is for the first two weeks I really enjoyed the lectures.

But, that soon changed once I realised that sometimes, you are too tired, too ill, too confused. You end up leaving the lectures even more clueless than when you went in.

This is because you are being talked at. Listening is actually difficult once you get confused and cannot catch up. Yes questions can be asked but I admit, I’m too shy to ever do that.

So instead I wait behind to ask or ask my friends, maybe even the tutor if I see them in a class soon after.

But they aren’t all bad. Note taking is a key skill, one I’d never really learnt in school but now my note taking is improving. My ability to shorten the information and take important things from what the tutor is saying, has also improved and I am proud of that.

My course isn’t all lectures, in fact I have very few compared to some other courses. So I now move on to Labs.

Labs are basically classes, similar to college and also called practicals. It just means you are in a smaller group, 20 or so and you do practical work. For me, practicals are quite fun. It gives me a chance to actually talk to my tutors, make sure I know what I’m doing and to actually feel like a student and not a number filling up a seat in a lecture room.

I also love the casual feel to them despite actually doing a ton of work and I like work to be fun so this course is quite literally perfect for me.

I cannot wait for the next few years of studying media!